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The super-fine Aluminum Silicate we produced is a newly-developed silicate which could be widely used in coating , printing ink, plastic, rubber and paper-making industry, etc. It characters in small particle, fine suspension, and white appearance. 15-25% Titanium dioxide could be saved, if mixing it into latex or solvent paint, so it reduces the cost of paint-manufacturing; improve the stability of products. In rubber industry, it is a fine anti-friction agent by improving the flexibility.

Characteristics of ¡°Haoxue¡± Brand super-fine Aluminium Silicate:

  1. Chemical Properties
    The super-fine Aluminum Silicate actually is Precipitated Silicic Aluminium and Sodium, which can be expressed as:

The product appears inert in chemistry, very stable both in acid and alkali medium. It has no chemical reaction with any components in coating, including bond, solvent, dispersant, etc. Its PH ranges between 9.7 and 10.8 that ensures the stability of latex paint, simultaneously and avoids corrupting wall of metallic tanks¡¯. Besides, it has several hydroxyls so it is easy to be wetted and disperse.

2 Physical Property
A) dispersion

Super-fine Aluminum Silicate are composed by primary particles, mass material and oligomer attached. Primary particles (average diameter in 15-30 mm) gather and become gathering material (average diameter 200 mm); if primary particles connects loosely and become oligomer attached (average diameter 2-20 micron). This structure has comparatively narrow particle spreading range which ensures ¡°excellent dispersion¡±.

B) Microstructure
The specific surface area is bigger than 100m2/g. The super fine net structure enhances effectively suspension, weather ability, rheology, and optical character, etc.. Besides, it has certain thixotropy.

C) Covering ability

The refractive index of super-fine Aluminum Silicate is 1.46, which is related to joint materials, so its covering ability is very bad
D) Optical Character

In pigments which have denser volume concentration, in optical characteristics, the super-fine Aluminum Silicate is superior to other kinds of stuffs, e.g. Caicium Carbonate, Bleaching Clay, Talcum powder, and Kaolin. It can prevent Titanium Dioxide from extrusion caused by other stuffs. Because the super-fine Aluminium Silicate can match with Titanium Dioxide, and deposited around the Titanium Dioxide granules, which could enhance the dry film covering ability of latex paint¡¯s.

When using, the super-fine Aluminum Silicate must be dispersed uniformly, otherwise it may tackify the latex paint.

It is common technology at home and abroad to replace titanium dioxide with super-fine Aluminum Silicate in coating industry, which makes obvious benifit. In semi or naught latex paints, the suitable dosage of super-fine Aluminum Silicate is 15-25% dosage of Titanium Dioxide (and 4-6% of gross of the coating). But it may vary due to different formula. We suggest testing our sample before using our product largely.

Following table shows different formulas and different final results, from which you could find which one holds good property.

Technical Specification

Item No.



loose white powder

¡¡Specific surface m2/g


¡¡Average particle size um


¡¡Bulk specific gravity g/ml

¡Ü 0.28

¡¡Moisture loss at 105oC £¥


¡¡Ignition loss £¥

¡Ü 9

¡¡PH value£¨5£¥ in water£©


¡¡Density g/cm3


Refractive index


¡¡Whiteness £¥

¡Ý 97

¡¡Oil absorption g/100g


¡¡SiO2 £¥


¡¡Al2O3 £¥


¡¡Na2O £¥

¡Ü 9

¡¡ Packing kg


AS881 is a synthetic silicate pure white, in a fluffy powder form with a very fine particle size. It is mainly used in the coatings Industry as an extender of white pigment, especially for Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), reducing cost of emulsion and decorative paints. Used as a thickener in paints and anti-misting additive in some printing inks.

-TiO2 extender for satin finish.
- Increased grade of whiteness and hiding power.
- Constant viscosity and pH value during storage.
- Abrasive resistance improvement.
- Gloss control.
- Anti-settling agent.
- Texture Control.
- Good resistance to weathering and scrubbing.
- Inks:
- Viscosity adjuster without affecting tack and yield value
- Reduced misting and strike-through.
- Reduced pigment settling in low viscosity inks.

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