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If we mix some super-fine Aluminum Silicate with Titanium Dioxide, the dry film cover? ability doesn¡¯t change and the paint¡¯s whiteness could be enhanced. If the dosage of titanium dioxide doesn¡¯t change, the dry film cover ability could be enhanced obviously and the whiteness enhanced in a great extent.

The PH Value of super-fine Aluminum Silicate¡¯s ranges from 9.7 to 10.8. It has fine buffering effect. Especially in the storage of acetate-ethylene latex paint, it can prevent the phenomena of PH value decreasing caused by acetate-ethylene hydrolysis, which improves the dispersion stability, avoids corrupting the wall of metallic tanks¡¯.

The special structure of super-fine Aluminiun Silicate could tackify the latex¡¯s system. It has superior suspension and avoids sediments and water-seperation.

The super-fine Aluminum Silicate makes the latex paint film have fine scrub-resistance and weathering-resistance and it could shorten the time of surface-drying.

The super-fine Aluminum Silicate has the characteristic of extinction. It could be used as the extinction agent in semi-luster and naught-luster paint, but couldn¡¯t be used in luster paint.

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